• 2 Layers
  • 100% Cotton
  • 4 mm Foam
  • Fireproof coating
  • Resists 200º C up to 10 min.
  • Corded fastening system
  • Standard sizes
  • Washable
Product Code : Park Area Series

It can be produced in different colours, designs and sizes.

Product Specifications
100% Cotton 100% Cotton
2 Layers 2 Layers
4 mm Foam 4 mm Foam
Corded fastening system Corded fastening system
Heat resist coated Heat resist coated
Washable Washable
Product Description

Thanks to the 100% cotton extra-thick woven fabric, used for the top layer of the two-layer corded ironing board cloth, the cloth has become much more resistant to high temperature, while the 4 mm sponge bottom layer laminated to the fabric provides a better ironing performance by extending the life cycle.

The most outstanding feature that distinguishes Park Area series from other series is the park area of the ironing board cloth is fireproof. It won’t be damaged even if it is exposed to its highest iron temperature for ten minutes.

Park Area Series Ironing Board Cover Washing Instruction

As per order, Park Area Series ironing board cover is produced to be washed at low temperature (30 degrees) or be suitable for dry cleaning.

Park Area Series Ironing Board Cover Dimensions

Being offered in two sizes, namely 140 x 50 cm large size and 130 x 46 cm small size, it is produced in many unique stylish colours and designs and is free from carcinogenic substances.

How to fix Park Area Series Ironing Board Cover?

Upon placing the ironing board cover on the table, the polyester threads inside the binding enclosing the cloth are adjusted according to the size of the ironing board and the cloth is fixed using the stoppers located at tips.

Washing Instructions
30 Derece Kurutma Yapma Kuru Temizleme - Yalnızca Petrol Bazlı Çözücüler